When we spend time BEHOLDING the Lord, our heart rises up to respond to the awesomeness of His being…like in Rev. 4:8, we read about the living creatures in the presence of the Lord, with eyes around and within. One thing is for sure, they were beholding, that is what you do with eyes…you look, gaze, behold. The response to their beholding was non stop, continuous worship!!!!!!

This response will be ours also, as we spend time focused on The Lord. He is worthy to be worshipped, and WORSHIP IS SPONTANEOUS when we gaze into His likeness.

…anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see. Rev.3:18




By The Gate

Encounter Gathering

Get ready for the first Encounter night, Tuesday, March 11th 7pm at Yad El Messianic Congregation 2020 W. Willow Enid, OK.
Are you a seeker? Do you long to be in the cloud of Glory, to be caught up into The Lord’s presence, to encounter God?  Join us as we come together to engage and encounter The Spirit of The Lord. This is a raw praise and worship night following the ebbs and flows of Holy Spirit. A time of laying aside all inhibitions and lavishing all our love on an audience of One.
We will be including the arts in these encounter nights and will have more information available as we continue. Those who are interested in participating in dance, flags or banners leave a message and I will connect you with the people over this area.
Encounter 3.11.2014_edited-2
Looking forward to this new adventure and encountering it with all of you.
By The Gate