Be Still and Know

Be still and Know

We are not a people looking for rest, we already have it, it is our dwelling place. We are a city on a hill Matt.5:14.
We are the City of God and Yahweh is there…in the midst of her…YHWH-Shammah.
Behold the works of Jehovah-Shammah in our midst, to cut asunder and lay waste to the enemies plans…to make warring cease, to break the bow and cut the spear in two…the battle is not ours but the Lords, He will war on our behalf.
We have come to His strong tower, His refuge of REST.
In this place of rest we will come to truly know YHWH-Shammah.
Be still and KNOW —- “I AM” Ps.46

Listen here:   Be Still and Know.

By The Gate

Vision to get to the other side


Join us in this episode as Chris Bowlin shares on having a vision to get to the other side in the midst of the storms of life.
Chris and his wife Donita live in Enid, Ok. They are part of The Gate’s ministry team. They are an inspiring couple who are full of faith. Their hearts desire is to see God glorified, souls saved, healed, encouraged and set free.
Donita Bowlin sings a song she wrote as she walked through a storm in her life called “In the Midst of the Storm.”    Click here:Vision to get to the other side.

By The Gate