The Mystery of the Blood of Jesus

The Blood

Podcast from September 2nd, we are in the middle of a series on The Blood and Flesh of Jesus at our School of the Spirit classes on Tuesday evenings at  7pm.

Blood is the very first element of atonement God revealed to mankind. From the fall of man to the revealing of the Gospel of Christ we see the intervention of Blood. From the fall of sin in the garden mankind found themselves separated from God. That’s why God hates sin so much, because it blocks our communion with Him.
That’s why God had to provide something so powerful that it would redeem everything that sin had destroyed. Only one thing held this power: The Life of God flowing from the redemptive shed blood of Jesus Christ.
According to Leviticus 17:11 blood is the element in which life is found. The life in the blood of Jesus became the most powerful inheritance that He could leave us. The blood of Jesus penetrates our spirit and invades our whole body, transforming our soul and flooding every fiber of our being. Bringing His Life, Love and Light in our being. Becoming carriers of His Glory through communion of His blood and Flesh.


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