1st Day of “Stepping Beyond The Veil Fast”

Today is the first day of our Ten Day “Stepping Beyond the Veil Fast.”

We spend the first day seeking FIRST the “Kingdom of God” in our prayer and fasting focus. Matthew 6:33

If you read Matthew 25-33 of chapter 6 you will notice the main context is about not worrying.

I feel like this is saying an important obstacle of our flesh that gets in the way of stepping through the veil is worry!

The time we spend worrying could be used seeking His Kingdom, stepping into His righteousness.
Worry steals our momentum in moving forward…steals our strength to run the race.
Notice in verse 31-31 of Matthew 6, when one is worrying about such matters we are “seeking,” but we are seeking after the supply, not the source of supply.

All that we have need of comes from the full supply of the Kingdom of Heaven, verse 33 says to SEEK FIRST His Kingdom and His Righteousness and ALL will be added to you.

Fast worry today!

If you would like to join us on this fast you can scroll down and find our podcast on The Veil and a pdf you can down load the fasting and prayer focus.

Download pdf here:  Stepping Beyond the Veil fast

By The Gate

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