Consider This…

Consider the heavens

Lift up your eyes and LOOK…

As we consider the heavens we will enter the place of the ripened fields that are already white for harvest(John 4:35-38)…and reap the fruit of it for eternal life. We enter into the labors of others…into that which you have not labored for…into heirship, dominion and the fullness of Kingdom life.
What do you have a HEART for and what are you LOOKING towards…?
All the promises of God are yes and amen…consider this…
There is a Glory far above the fading glory of this earthly realm and its understanding and ways. As we consider the heavens above, where we are seated with Him, and the works of his hands we will enter into mystical union with Him…IN HIM…the mind of Christ…and see who we truly are in the Kingdom.
Join us as we enter the mysteries of Consider This…

Open here

By The Gate

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