Into His Chambers


Song of Solomon says, Rise up my Beloved one and come away with Me.

I pray as you listen you get caught up in the romance of the ages,the wooing and drawing of the One who’s heart is ravished for you. He wants to carry you away into His chambers.
I pray you find the secret of the stairs.

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You Are A Supernatural Being

Supernatural Being 2

In Christ Jesus you are a heavenly supernatural being, a New Creation-Kainos being according to 2 Corinthians 5:17. Kainos means new creation, new species different, something that’s never been seen before, a whole NEW Reality…Your identity is in that new creation being.
The Body of Christ is being awakened to a whole new reality of who they are in Christ Jesus. Once you give your life to Christ Jesus, you are no longer a natural, earthly being. IN Christ Jesus you have become a heavenly supernatural being who lives on earth but whose citizenship is in Heaven.

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