New Beginnings

As many of you may know, we are back in Oklahoma and have been praying about where and when to start full time ministry again. We were blessed with a couple opening their home to us and blessed to bring Ian Johnson to Enid this year. But Holy Spirit has been speaking to my heart about getting our own place again.
Late Wednesday night my heart was stirring and decided to drive around and pray for a while. After 10 or 15 minutes I really had a strong desire to go to our previous building where we had The Gate. I thought I would just park in the parking lot and pray about where we were supposed to be for this new season. I even told God that maybe that wasn’t a good idea because it would probably make me sad to see our old location.
I pulled into the parking lot and drove up in front of the building and noticed that it was empty. There was a business in it when we moved back from Florida. I thought, God what are you up to, this was no coincidence that I drove over here. I believe that Holy Spirit wanted me to see that the building was empty. I called my pastors and spiritual advisers and told them about it, and we prayed together.
I met with the owner of the building Thursday morning and she was as excited as I was to have us back in her building.
We have a tremendous opportunity to lease this location and don’t want to miss this open door. This is totally not in my nature to put a request out there like this, and those who ever attended The Gate on regular services know that we never asked for money or took up offerings except for when we had guest speakers. We had a basket at the front and people gave as Holy Spirit lead them.
I felt very strongly to put this out there for those who feel lead by Holy Spirit to be able to sow into this opportunity. We need first and last month’s rent ($2,400) and extra to turn on utilities.
I just ask you to pray if you are to be a part of helping us reopen The Gate Hub in Enid, Ok. We love you all and continually keep you in our prayers.
Blessings in Christ,

Sue Hughes
Director of Ministry with The Gate


By The Gate