Doctrines of Righteousness

We must understand there is a doctrine of righteousness, once we get it (awakened to it) we understand that God is the one who does it…redeems…we can’t redeem ourselves, fix ourselves, change ourselves, save ourselves, that opens us back up to the Law…we have a savior…let’s open ourselves up to the doctrine of His righteousness.

• The doctrine is: identify yourself dead to sin and alive to the newness of life.

• We don’t identify with the victim, the orphan, the old man…the more we identify ourselves in that manner, death is at our door.

• The more we identify ourselves with Christ, the New Man, resurrection life in Christ is beckoning.

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Show me Your Glory

Glory within

Moses was crying out “Show me Your Glory” in Ex. 33:18; Jesus is saying,“I want to show you My Glory” when He is saying eternal life is to “know” in John 17:3
Eternal Life, that place of “knowing.” We have been PLACED IN Christ Jesus (IN His Glory), IN the cleft of the ROCK (through the pierced wound in His side).
Jesus was saying “I want to show you My Glory or put you in that place IN ME of knowing,” of being fully awakened, aware, conscious of where you are seated IN Him.


School of the Spirit class 1/13/2015

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