8th Day of “Stepping Beyond the Veil Fast”

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God almighty…

Our prayer and fasting focus for today is Isaiah 35:8 A highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the “Highway of Holiness.”

This Baptism of Fire will bring with it Holiness. We have looked at the purifying affect it will have on our flesh and soul in previous post. But that in itself is not holiness, because it is not an outward appearance, that is religion, it is something that happens on the inside and affects the fleshly, soulish walk. Let me try to explain it this way…

Holy – what does it really mean?

In Revelations 4 the living creatures are described as having eyes without and within, one might wonder why they were created covered with eyes.  The Lord said the reason He created them covered in eyes is that it was part of their job description…“LOOK AT ME,” says The Lord…to behold and gaze upon Him.  They are spending eternity gazing upon The Lord and with each time they circle the Throne they CRY OUT “HOLY” and each time they cry out the twenty-four elders fall down and worship the King of Glory. They will never cease giving Him honor and praise.

As we move from our earthly mindset and perception of what Holy means and look at this from a Heavenly perspective, where we are seated with Him IN Heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6) it takes on a whole new revelation. If we look at it through the lens of Revelations 4, what does Holy mean?  It means, “I never saw that before.”

Following this line of perception, Holy was an expression, a description for what the Living Creatures saw or were beholding, gazing upon.  Each time they flew around The Throne they beheld a new revelation of The Lord, something never seen before. They will spend eternity SEEING a new attribute, A fresh revelation of The Lord.  And their response is “Holy.”

Holy Spirit said this was like a cause and effect type of experience.  When The Lord says, “Be ye holy for I am holy,” 1 Peter 1:16, it’s not something we do to make ourselves holy.  It’s “Beholding Him”“Gazing upon The Lord.” 

The cause: we behold…The effect: Holiness.

Gazing  upon The Lord causes revelation of His Glory.  A fresh revelation changes us from Glory to Glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18 Just as the Living Creatures, we will spend eternity discovering the riches of His Glory, and with each new revelation a new degree of Glory is revealed in us. We become more like what we are SEEING…HOLY is the person of Jesus.  So when we think of Holy as something I never seen before…we are discovering or seeing Him new with every encounter we have with Him.

As we journey on this Highway of Holiness, it’s a walk of BEHOLDING…and BECOMING!

There are two day left of this “Stepping Beyond the Veil Fast.”  If you would like to download a pdf of the prayer and fasting focus click here: Stepping Beyond the Veil fast.

There is a podcast called The Veil posted previously to starting this fast. If you would like to listen scroll down a few post to find it.