The Mystery of the Body of Christ

Eat my flesh


School of the Spirit class 10-07-2014

Jesus came to establish His Father’s Kingdom upon the earth, to do this He needs His body, the Ekklesia. Through the blood and flesh of Christ Jesus we have a mystical union into the body of Christ. John 6:56
Communion brings us into the full provision of the Kingdom of God…it is having everlasting life in this realm from the full supply of the eternal realm. John 6:54-58
In this teaching we look at being established in the body of Christ, the veil that blinds us to our union in Christ, being established in the eternal Ekklesia, and around 46:00 mins we look into how the breaking of bread builds the tabernacle of God within us…His house, dwelling place.
Each one of us are a house, spiritual and carnal. The word of The Lord came to Haggai saying that His house (God’s) was in ruins while everyone else ran to their own house. Let’s build the Lord’s house and in that abiding place (John 6:56) we will have access to the full provision of His Kingdom…Matthew 6:25-33.

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