Beholding As In a Mirror


When we look in a mirror in the natural, we see a reflection, it’s to see our image, to see what we look like. When we gaze into Glory, as if looking in a mirror, we are beholding that image of being like Christ. Looking at that Kainos/New Creation Being that we are NOW!

Who we are “IN Christ” living from glory, is the reflection we see in the mirror of His “Glory.”

When choosing “only” to behold our identity as “Kainos Beings,” we are transformed by looking at ourselves, (as if looking in a mirror) as New Creation – Kainos Beings!

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Neos vs Kainos


In John 15:26 Jesus says, …the Spirit of Truth will testify of Me, and John 14:26 that the Spirit would bring to your remembrance all things that pertain to Christ.

Holy Spirit will help us remember who we are IN Christ, what our origin is IN Christ.

Holy Spirit will help us remember that we are Kainos Beings, seated IN Heavenly Places.

Holy Spirit has come to reveal Christ…Christ IN us…Colossians 1:27 Christ In you, the hope of Glory.

As Kainos/New Creation Beings, we are seated in Glory…heavenly places IN Christ. Ephesians 2:6

There is two types of new spoken of in the bible, Neos and Kainos.
Neos is new in time – Kainos is new in kind.

The Gospel preached in Acts is that you are the very same thing that Christ is…we are the very image and likeness of Christ – Kainos Beings.

I share a metaphor I heard from Chris Blackeby comparing an Old Nokia phone to an Apple phone to give an example of Neos and Kainos

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New Creation


Once you give your life to Christ, you are no longer a natural, earthly being attempting to get into heaven. You are not someone who struggles through life on earth hoping one day to escape the oppression in this earthly realm.

IN Christ you have become a heavenly being who lives on earth, whose citizenship is in Heaven!!!
2 Corinthians 5:17 …IN Christ…you are a New Creation…Kainos being…made in the very image of Christ.
Kainos: New Creation, new in kind, new in substance, species, novel, different, something that’s never been seen before; all became new, a whole NEW Reality: New World/Dimension.

Born from above.
John 3:3 (strongs)…born again; born from above, born anew, from the first, again from the beginning.
As Christ is so are you
1 John 4:17 …as He is, so are we in this world.

When you live with this perspective, you will no longer struggle with failing self-effort to achieve a salvation that you believe will only fully manifest after your life on earth is over. Instead, your life will take on new meaning and the manifestation of a glorious Kingdom life will flow through you while you live on earth.

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You Are A Supernatural Being

Supernatural Being 2

In Christ Jesus you are a heavenly supernatural being, a New Creation-Kainos being according to 2 Corinthians 5:17. Kainos means new creation, new species different, something that’s never been seen before, a whole NEW Reality…Your identity is in that new creation being.
The Body of Christ is being awakened to a whole new reality of who they are in Christ Jesus. Once you give your life to Christ Jesus, you are no longer a natural, earthly being. IN Christ Jesus you have become a heavenly supernatural being who lives on earth but whose citizenship is in Heaven.

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