Neos vs Kainos


In John 15:26 Jesus says, …the Spirit of Truth will testify of Me, and John 14:26 that the Spirit would bring to your remembrance all things that pertain to Christ.

Holy Spirit will help us remember who we are IN Christ, what our origin is IN Christ.

Holy Spirit will help us remember that we are Kainos Beings, seated IN Heavenly Places.

Holy Spirit has come to reveal Christ…Christ IN us…Colossians 1:27 Christ In you, the hope of Glory.

As Kainos/New Creation Beings, we are seated in Glory…heavenly places IN Christ. Ephesians 2:6

There is two types of new spoken of in the bible, Neos and Kainos.
Neos is new in time – Kainos is new in kind.

The Gospel preached in Acts is that you are the very same thing that Christ is…we are the very image and likeness of Christ – Kainos Beings.

I share a metaphor I heard from Chris Blackeby comparing an Old Nokia phone to an Apple phone to give an example of Neos and Kainos

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